Watch Out For Your Dog’s Body Language, They Could Be Cold!

[Music] Welcome to theory of pets I'm a Passionate pet owner with a drive to Help others like me uncover the truth About the pet industry and what goes on Behind the scenes I have a short-haired dog And I'm sure there's plenty of people That live in areas that it's cold and Also have short air I mean it's not very Practical to like pick up just because You get a short-haired dog that you need To like go somewhere where it's more Warm what is the coldest Temperature a short-haired dog should be Should be in I guess completely exposed Before it starts to get into like Dangerous territory Yeah so I know I always Toe the line but Um there's really not one definitive Answer for the most part dogs are pretty Tolerant of cold weather but like you Mentioned short hair versus long hair Versus medium hair you know wiry coat Undercoat Um you know how much fat and the Composition of the dog get Um All goes into play but the best advice I Have for short-haired dogs I mean They're certainly not built for the Coals you know things like they have More of a bare belly they don't have

Much fur on their belly there's some Really large vessels or veins that run Along their abdomen that can lose a lot Of heat and there's no insulation there You know if they don't have a lot of fat Insulation both around their abdomen or Um you know dogs that are used to being Like huskies and Malamutes they actually Have a fat pad in their feet that Provides a little bit more insulation so In short-haired dogs we usually see they Have a little bit more dainty feet so They don't have that extra protection Um so for those guys I would just kind Of read their body language so if your Dog runs out and is just having a blast In the snow and doing Zoomies and just Having a great time Um I wouldn't I wouldn't worry too much About it but they get to a point where You notice any shivering if they're Trying to curl up into a ball if they're Being uh you know they look like they're Walking on eggshells like their feet are Hurting or anything like that then I Would always wear on the side of the Caution and bring them back in Um and uh you know for walks and that Sort of thing I would always plan it out And try not to get too far out with Shorter haired dogs Um you know kind of have a little bit Shorter duration walks just in case they Do get cold you can get them back into a

Little bit more controlled climate Okay I a real quick little side note just Because you talked about curling up in Like a little ball my my dog Um she does that at night when I turn The AC down to 69 is that dangerous for Her to be out in 69 degrees you think Your she'll be fine Um my girlfriend she's like you need to Cover her up she's so cold Yeah I um I think she'll make it My diagnosis there but um but yeah dogs Curling up into a ball Um a couple of things are happening Right there so for one Um they're usually rotating their Abdomen away from the cold surface so Those large vessels that I mentioned Before Um they're usually a little bit more Insulated they have you know the body Heat of the rest of their body kind of Insulating them most dogs Will actually tuck their nose under Their tail in that's the cutest thing Ever but it's actually uh you know if They're in really extreme temperatures The first thing that's going to freeze Is anything that has moisture around it So to prevent you know their noses and Their mucous membranes from uh having Any kind of ice development they just Tuck it right in between their tail and Have a little more insulation so mine

Like will curl up and feel like like Push her face like onto her like her Yeah her her butt basically not under Her tail but like like right on her butt Bones she'll just like look at you if You're like walking around the house or Like Watch you Yeah so but she does that pretty often Um I mean I tried that's why I'm I warm Up the temperature to 75 yeah during the Day and then I I cannot sleep in 75 Degree weather there's yeah no way that Is too hot for me uh sorry for the Little side tangent but All right Foreign [Music]

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