Watch Out Or Your Dog’s Paws Will Burn!

[Music] Welcome to theory of pets I'm a Passionate pet owner with a drive to Help others like me uncover the truth About the pet industry and what goes on Behind the scenes now tell me a little Bit about the salt because I'm I mean I I just hear salt bad for dog dog feet Like so put booties on like what does it Have why like why is the salt burn the Dog's Paws what is there some kind of Reaction what is that So for one it it dries everything out Out and if they do have any abrasions There uh it it stings Um the other thing is that you know salt It will the reason we put it down is it Melts the the snow not by increasing the Temperature of the snow it just prevents It from being in that form so Um so you'll get this slushy water That's still really really cold and so Instead of it being nice fluffy snow That will eventually get your dog wet They're now you know it's really the Moisture moisture and wind is where we Start getting big issues with frostbite And body temperatures really going down Um you know dogs cruising around in the Snow uh not the biggest deal They'll only have this like ice cold Salt water Um you know it can actually cause Um Burns it if it gets too cold would it

Burn someone like you and me too like if We put our hand in that it would like Burn our hand no and it's in it by Burning it's more so a constant contact Type thing so it's just like us if you Hold an ice pack on your hand for Five minutes you know things are gonna Start to feel like they're burning yeah Um so same thing if these guys are just Doing laps or walking down a road that's Been salted with slushy ice Um it's it's not gonna be good so Putting some boots on and Um you know you can throw those in the Wash afterwards Um it's gonna be the the way to go Foreign [Music] [Music]

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