Watching people train their dogs in public 🙃

Being so into dog training I find myself Looking at people who train dogs in Public and just trying to see what I can Learn from them look at these guys we See that they've got a long lead on Their dog look at that look at the rate Of reinforcement there rewarding Duration this person knows what they're Doing right here Get that dog in public by giving the Treats over and over like that a lot of People think oh you're feeding your dog Too much but really you're just Communicating hey staying there is what Equals rewards like this this person is Training like a pro trainer right here Okay so he's going for a really nice Long duration here For a release I bet we can look for it Let's see if he does it there you go and There's the release and there's the Reward with the ball nice work is this a New series idea going in public and Covertly watching people train their Dogs the world cannot be coming to that

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