What If My Dog REFUSED To Come When Called?

Okay so I posted an episode recently Where my dog inertia almost did not come Back to me when I called her in an Uncontrolled off-leash setting and this Led many viewers to ask me Zach what Would you have done had she not come Back to you I thought it was a good Question and one that I wanted to Address outside of just a YouTube Comment I want to give you my Perspective on this as well as giving You some additional tips that might Improve your dog's Recall come Good girl we were giving the dogs Another round of exercise and I threw The ball pretty far and noticed that Inertia was pretty much dead center Between me and her mom and she started To look at Mom and Veronica as if to say I think I'll go over there with them but That would be a conflict because we've Worked very hard at a developed game of Fetch where there are structured rules I Want to know that she's going to be Reliable and not distracted even if by Her own family Slightly confusing situation there I Wouldn't want inertia in this Uncontrolled environment like this to go Running after them even though that's Her mom let's try that again just to Make sure that inertia understands Coming to me is what I want even when Her mom's way down there okay

So you can see Bree in the cup She gives her a look so I do need to Remind her So it's a little I'd like to improve That throw it again Come Just give her a look every time go All right so does she look at her mom She gave her a glance but came right Back so I think that'll go a long way this isn't Something that's taught overnight Obviously but having a strong Foundation Using positive reinforcement training And such a solid foundation in basic Obedience and training is really what Has helped me build confidence that my Dog is extremely likely to come back to Me when off leash in a nutshell my Protocol for teaching Dogs how to listen Off leash are to seek out fenced Environments and use a long leads in Order to build this kind of reliability This history has informed my decision to Have my dog off leash in this setting It's worth mentioning that by focusing On having that deep connection and that Mutual trust with my dog that I haven't Felt the need to rely on superficial Collars like electric collars to make Sure that my dogs are ready for the real World I continually introduce both Artificial distractions and natural Distractions that I know are going to be

There as well as snapping into training Mode when an unforeseen distraction Happens a nurse has just spotted another Dog stay so I'm seeing a great Opportunity to practice getting her more Focused while in the presence of other Dogs over here looks like I've got her Attention hey you want to play Frisbee Come around Ready go so I was able to get her Attention off the dog onto me to play Frisbee that's always good let's see if This continues I'm going to deliberately Play at close range to these other dogs She hasn't forgotten about the dog you Know she's still keeping track stay Come around Yes go it's one of the reasons I like Activities like Fetch and frisbee it Gives them that outlet of running and Chasing and jumping and biting all that Kind of fun stuff they like to do and Again another great opportunity to Practice come so inertia in particular Has gained a ton of experience of Listening to me while in a distracted Mindset some of the distractions I set Up some of them I'm able to kind of Control that happen in the real world And others just happen and I have to Snap into training mode to make sure That she listens to me and inertia is Used to all of those types of training Methods which are what I'm falling back

On if she doesn't listen to me another Possible strategy would be to ask Inertia to stay at a distance so maybe She's distracted by something and since We have practiced so much stay at a Distance while she evaluates a Distraction because we're not just Jumping into this cold so it acts as a Bit of a compromise like come she's not Coming so I can at least say stay and I Know that that communication is pretty Strong and likely to be somewhat Effective as well to strengthening your Dogs stay with distance duration and Distractions in various environments in Order to proof that skill is also really Important you can see how working on Things like this five minutes at a time Five seconds at a time can be very Effective and that cumulative experience Is what makes it extremely likely that My dog is going to come to me when I Call her as much as I don't advise the Use of an electric collar it's worth Mentioning that if you're relying on That to make sure that your dog doesn't Get away from you or for use in an Emergency situation you probably Shouldn't have them off leash in the First place I think that provides a False sense of security knowing that the Collars can malfunction or a dog can Simply ignore the collar not to mention That you have to go through the process

Of shocking a dog to get them used to The collar in the first place which is Something that I choose not to do with My dogs also during fetch training the Context that we were watching here my Dog is becoming naturally fatigued and That makes her a lot easier to approach And to manage in off leash situation Because that energy level is usually Significantly depleted so in my Estimation the probability of her not Listening to me at the beginning of a Fetch training session is extremely low Because her motivation is extremely high To play the game of frisbee or ball or Whatever after several throws if she Were to become distracted her energy is Usually significantly depleted so that a Light jog I could easily get to her and She's not the kind of dog that's likely To bolt on me and I think the reason for That is that we put in the work and Built our communication so that she Knows how to listen to me with simple Requests like come so if she didn't come Back to me I would first would shorten The distance and try and get her to Chase me getting her attention back on Me if that wasn't successful I'd go up To her and secure her on a leash and for The next several weeks at least an Environments comparable to this I would Put that long lead back on I would take A step back and further prepare my dog

For scenarios like this if my dog's not Listening to me it's not their fault It's my fault because I haven't taught Them yet so it's really important to own That we don't want to blame our dogs for Not listening to us being overwhelmingly Consistent when your dog does come to You and reinforcing that with something They enjoy whether it's a treat whether It's a quick play session or something Else that your dog just loves is so Vital that reinforcement history can be So powerful so reach deep to acknowledge And reward your dog as much as Reasonably possible when they come to You I mean to this day we have treats Throughout our house it's nothing to Give my dog a tiny piece of a treat when She comes to me every reinforcement your Recall is likely to become that much Stronger reinforcement efficacy like This is as true as math making sure our Dogs are well nourished is also very Important thank you to our sponsor Nom Nom who makes amazing Fresh Foods Straight to your door pre-portioned Ready to go so that your dog gets the Benefits of a high quality diet in the Way only fresh food can offer you guys Can get half off a two-week travel I'll Have information in the description Below click thumbs up subscribe follow Us on Tick Tock Instagram Facebook and Everywhere else that we are

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