What Should Your Dog Wear Outside In Winter?

[Music] Welcome to theory of pets I'm a Passionate pet owner with a drive to Help others like me uncover the truth About the pet industry and what goes on Behind the scenes not everyone lives in A second story area but as far as Physical exercise do you think that's Also important I know you said it is Important not as much as or well no you Said mental stimulation will Tire them Out more but do you still think that They should also get some form of Physical and like what would that look Like if that is at all possible during Those snow days yeah for sure so if We're talking going back to let's say we Have an Italian greyhound that lives in Michigan Um that dog is not built like it was Born to get rid of heat you know it has One thing that we can look at for and And just kind of do a quick gauge of how Equipped is my dog for cold weather is Look at their surface area to body mass Ratio you know and so if we have a Little tiny dog with not a whole lot to Them they're not going to be very well Set for cold weather but if you look at A big Husky you know we've got a big Bulky dog with a decent surface area but If you look at the ratio together They're very different so for the little Guy we're going to have to do a little

Bit more in preparation so I'm a huge Fan of booties both for cold and hot Weather there are specific boots that Are a little bit more insulated to keep Their paws protected dogs have some Really cool mechanisms in their feet to To help them we have some really large Arteries that kind of wind in with the Veins so there's constantly warm blood Going through their feet and then the Cool blood is going straight back to be Warmed up so Um we're they're way better equipped Than people but we still want to protect It you know the other reason we want to Use booties is ice can cut their paws Pretty easily so you know even from Physical trauma Um you know for these guys making sure We have one extra layer of a sweater you Know there's you can go crazy go Shopping uh grab a sweater usually Something that covers if you don't have A male dog that covers their belly is Going to give you a little bit more bang For your buck and keep them a little bit Warmer than just you know the ones that Strap over the top of them so if what it Sounds like you're saying is very rarely Will you be in a scenario where The weather is going to be so cold and So extreme that your dog can't go Outside they still can but you need to Prepare hence the booties hence the the

Funny clothing Um but also it does insulate them so It's not you also answered while Answering that question you also Answered another question is you know Those those silly uh dog Outfits There is a a method to the madness it's Not this I mean we to be honest it is Anthropomorphizing a dog but it also Serves the other purpose of they are Warm yes so you're saying so you're Saying they should They if they're gonna go out and get Some physical activity the booties the The clothing all that good stuff they Should be wearing uh if it's if it's Below what temperature If you have Um if you have a short coated dog or a Really lean dog that's really not built For the cold I'd say anything under Freezing I mean it's certainly not going To hurt if you want to put you know a Sweet Eddie Bauer jacket on your dog When it's 50 degrees you know if at any Point they start panting I would peel Start peeling stuff off but if it's blow Freezing if there's any ice definitely The booties will go a really long way Um you know and and just like us like Going snowboarding right like you you Show up and you have all the layers and

Then you get one run in and you're like Oh my God I'm so hot you know and the Sun's out and now now right right baked In your puffy jacket right so you know If you take your dog out Um and he's you know doing Victory laps In the snow and he starts panting you Can probably peel the jacket off but Keep the booties on also you said the Booties not only protected from ice but I think what you all also meant to say Is that the salt when if in case people Or people live in areas where the road Is salted yeah yeah And in older dogs you know that You know that's Mobility they have a Little bit of arthritis Um if there's any ice or anything like That if the traction's not great you Know it can help it can help those those Pets too [Music] Foreign

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