What STAY Really Means. #dogtraining #dogtrainer #dogtraining101 #puppytraining #obediencetraining

Do you think that teaching your dog to Stay is all about control what if I told You that it's actually about Independence every time that your dog Stays they're practicing patience and Self-restraint and they're learning to Control their impulses without your Intervention well mostly Okay Wait Okay this skill takes almost no effort To teach and it is everything in the Real world I mean think about it we are Not just raising obedient dogs here We're creating confident independent Thinkers seeing our dogs realize they Have the power to make good decisions All on their own is so satisfying the Next time you tell your dog to stay at a Doorway remember you are not just Practicing stay you're boosting their Confidence and you're teaching them a Skill that's going to serve them well in Every aspect of their lives to learn Everything you need to know about Teaching your dog to stay at doorways in Just a few minutes watch this video

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