What Was The Origin of Vaccines For Pets and Why Are Vaccines Important For Dogs?

[Music] Welcome to theory of pets I'm a Passionate pet owner with a drive to Help others like me uncover the truth About the pet industry and what goes on Behind the scenes Start off I guess um after the cow pox Like when did people or when did Veterinarians start I guess coming up With vaccines for dogs Um and and cats You know I don't have a specific Timeline but I know you know 70s 80s and The development of vaccines is very Dynamic it's changing All of the time and the vaccines that we Used you know in the 70s 80s uh they are Now completely different from where we Are now uh from a safety standpoint from An efficacy standpoint from how long They last Um you know just like vaccines in people You know we've seen all of these Different versions that have different Protocols it's the same thing for for Veterinary medicine uh one drawback is We don't necessarily have the funding And the numbers to do some of the Research so uh and that'll kind of come Into some of the as we get deeper into This conversation How it's all been affected and how Things are shifting with recommendations Okay so

So why should people get their dogs Vaccinated what is the importance of That So that's a great basic question so for One Um just the welfare of the animal the Diseases that we're vaccinating against Are pretty devastating most of them can End up in in depth or cause permanent Damage to your animals so even if they Recover on it on their own they're going To have lifetime consequences from that Disease also from a public health Standpoint Rabies is you know there's so many of These kind of big scary sexy diseases Like Ebola and everybody thinks about That but rabies is actually the only 100 Fatal Uh virus and people if left untreated so Um it's got some pretty scary numbers And the how we get rabies is typically From Wildlife or domestic animals so Rabies vaccinations have been so Important in controlling such a scary Disease from a public health standpoint Um you know in looking at our developed Country versus undeveloped countries and How our vaccine protocols for different Diseases vary it's It's such a stark comparison Okay so rabies vaccine for dogs has been Super helpful just for the pet ownership Like whole Spectrum basically in in the

United States I guess all around the World now Um I guess what um were there any vaccines That you would say didn't work or were Recalled here recently Um what what about those kind of Vaccines were there any of those yeah so Just with anything as time goes on you Realize the immediate consequences and Then you realize the long-term Consequences and then you you know go From these these clinical studies which Are usually pretty Limited in numbers Release it into the public and then all Of a sudden we have a much larger case Study so to speak and then we really get A better idea of what the efficacy of That vaccine is so Um one big one is feline infectious Peritonitis in cats or FIP uh there was A vaccine for that which we no longer Recommend it was not very effective Another one is Coronavirus in dogs so For one it was a pretty self-limiting Disease meaning it would resolve on its Own this the clinical signs were Relatively mild and it was a very small Window of age that these animals could Contract it so we no longer recommend Vaccine needing for those Um There was a silly Giardia vaccine once Upon a time that didn't really prove to

Be effective and then right now one That's not necessarily recalled you know It doesn't really lump into this one but The rattlesnake vaccine is under some Pretty strong scrutiny and has some Pretty varying opinions on it but Um those are the big ones that come to Mind Thank you Foreign [Music]

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