What You Really Need To Know About Kennel Cough In Dogs

[Music] Foreign S really worry about with the spring Weather upon us I am starting to receive More messages from pet parents wondering If their pet has kennel cough what to do About it Um you know how you can tell if it's Kennel hop or something else like Springtime allergies so here's Everything that you really need to know About kennel com es so first off what is Kennel cough I definitely want to start Here because a lot of people don't even Understand what it is and when you Understand what it is it's really it's a Lot easier for you to be able to tell Whether your dog has kennel cough or Just a cough associated with a cold or Allergies or some other kind of Condition kennel cough is a big term That's used to describe an extremely Contagious condition in dogs and Obviously the coughing is the most Noticeable symptom the condition is Known to veterinarians as infectious Tracheobronchitis So it's it's a general term used for Um kennel cough Where It's associated With the coughing the loud coughing from The dog but some people use the term Kennel cough when it's not actually that Disease that disease if diagnosed by Your veterinarian is infectious tracheal

Bronchitis several bacteria and viruses Can cause this cough since the infection Is so contagious it's easily spread when Dogs are in close quarters together it Spreads like wildfire in dogs that are Housed together in kennels boarding Facilities shelters hence the name Kennel cough Number two what does it sound like so This is what I explained to people when They're asking whether or not their dog Has kennel cough kennel cough has a very Noticeable cough if you ever have a Child that has had croup or if you've Ever heard people talk about croup you Know that's one of the things that Doctors or parents with experience will Say is you know oh my gosh that's Definitely crew by the sound of that Cough veterinarians and pet parents do The same thing with kennel cough if You've ever heard of goose honking That's kind of what kennel cough sounds Like it is a noticeable cough unlike a Regular cough that's associated with a Cold the loud honking sound can be Accompanied by runny nose wheezing Lethargy loss of appetite so there are Definitely other symptoms but that loud Honking cough is so noticeable and Really the distinguishing Telltale sign Of kennel cough So how do dogs contract this infection As I mentioned uh you know I said it was

Extremely contagious I absolutely meant It while your dog can contract it while Staying at a boarding facility or um you Know being uh in a home or a shelter With another dog that has kennel cough It doesn't take much exposure at all to Come down with this illness your dog Could contract kennel cough while Sniffing another dog during a walk Playing with another dog at the dog park Or just sharing the communal water dish A lot of times businesses will have Communal water dishes outside on Sidewalks and you know if a dog that's Had that has kennel cough is a use that Water dish before your dog your dog can Contract it it really is that easy just The papping sniffing being exposed for Just a few moments to a dog with kennel Cough can spread that onto your pet So number four how is it treated Uncomplicated cases of kennel cough Actually usually flare up on their own After two to three weeks you can see I've made a video on some home remedies For kennel cough if you want to check That out um you know if you think your Dog just has a pretty standard mild case There's not a lot of other symptoms Nothing really severe besides that Honking cough you can definitely try Some home remedies or just wait it out Those two or three weeks and it should Resolve on its own if your dog has an

Underlying health condition you'll need To seek Veterinary Care immediately this Is especially the case if your dog has Any kind of a respiratory illness or Underlying condition that affects his Respiratory system even if your dog has A mild case you can ask your Veterinarian for a consult again they'll Listen to The Talk they will diagnose And they may prescribe antibiotics Anti-inflammatories or a cough present To help with the symptoms if you're Really worried about it and finally I Get this question a lot is there a Vaccine for kennel cough and if people Have heard of the vaccine they want to Know if it's effective if it's worth Giving your dog so you're the only Person that can make that decision there Is a vaccine if your dog is boarded Frequently or attends Doggy Daycare You're a veterinarian will likely Recommend the bordetella vaccine like Vaccines for humans giving your dog the Vaccine for kennel cough does not mean That he is going to be a hundred percent Protected from it if you've ever gotten A flu shot and still come down with the Flu you go to the doctors and they'll Tell you that you know this year the flu Vaccine was four strained a b and c and You got strained D so it definitely Still happens again you know it's your Choice as a pet owner much like it's a

Parent's Choice to vaccinate their Children it's your choice as a pet owner On which vaccines you choose obviously Those core vaccines have to happen but The bordetella vaccine is not a poor Vaccine you don't have to give it to Your dog it's definitely up to you uh You can click the link below to see some Research if you're interested really Briefly one recent study showed that Between 40 and 60 percent of all dogs Who suffered with kennel cough had also Already been vaccinated in a 2004 study They evaluated 972 dogs and researchers Found that the kennel cough vaccine was About 20 percent effective in reducing The cough compared to the placebo Vaccine so you know it works for some Dogs it doesn't work for all dogs it's Definitely up to you I would definitely Recommend Consulting with your Veterinarian asking what they think and Doing some research on your own again Click the link below the video here that Will take you to my research and some of Those studies that I talked about so you Can check those out to kind of get Yourself started if you have any Questions feel free to email us thanks For watching this video guys Foreign [Music]

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