Why are outdated, problematic dog training methods are on the rise on social media right now?

You know what I think has contributed to This dog training crisis with social Media just being dominated by choke Chain prong collar and electric collar Trainers what it's a hypothesis I've Been playing with during covid everyone Went out and got a dog and we all know That we didn't have that much notice That the world was going to shut down at The beginning we just thought it was Going to be shut down for three months Or something tops or a couple of weeks Even and people ran out and impulsively It seems got dogs and I think some of Them were myopic or short-sighted and Are facing behavior problems now because Maybe they didn't put in the time it Took to train the dogs and they're Looking for these desperate Quick Fix Methods that are everywhere on social Media and that's what I think might be Contributing what do you guys think do You guys think there's any truth to that Because pre-covered it wasn't like this More people were willing to put in the Time with their dogs

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