Why Do Cats Get the Zoomies?

[Music] Why does my cat get the zoomy this is a Question that I actually asked myself at One point this is our cat Chloe she's About a year old a little over a year Old and she still gets the Zoomies all The time so I did the research myself to Figure this out and I wanted to share The information with other pet parents Who I'm sure have the exact same Question so Chloe was getting the Zoomies all the time at all hours of the Day sometimes it's morning noon in the Middle of the night she would get the Zoomies and so I wanted to figure it out And it turns out that there are some Pretty common reasons why cats get the Zoomies including sleep habits hunting Instinct and bathroom issues it could in A very very rare case be some sort of Health related issue but that's really Really rare if your cat would be running Around like that sporadically if there Was a health issue but for example if There was a brain tumor that could cause Erratic Behavior like that so really the Only time that you have to worry that It's a health issue is if your pet is Getting the Zoomies Um sporadically and very often say like Every 15 minutes every half an hour even Once an hour that's a lot typically if Your cat just has a bad case of the Zoomies it's once or twice a day it's

Not something that you're seeing Constantly Um if your cat has never had the Zoomies Before or hardly ever has the Zoomies And then all of a sudden starts doing it All the time that's when you want to Check in with your veterinarian but Again that is so few and far between It's not something that I would be Concerned about at all unless it's a Behavior that has recently started and Just accelerates very quickly Zoomies Can happen for a number of reasons it's Really a typical behavior in cats and Not usually something that you should be Too concerned about but um one of the Reasons why your cat may get the Zoomies Is sleep habits cats usually get the Zoomies after a long nap they've got all This energy pent up and they'll just Kind of race around for a minute burn Some of that excess energy and then They're fine because cats sleep most of The day in order to conserve energy your Cat can actually sleep anywhere between Like 12 and 16 hours a day the average Cat so when they're awake they're really Awake they've slept a lot they have all That energy inside after a long nap they Just kind of take off from one end of The house to the other burn that energy And then they're all set for a while Um hunting Instinct as I mentioned Another reason why your cat may get the

Zoomies despite getting all the food That they need from you if you're you Know feeding your indoor cat or your Indoor outdoor cat cats are innate Hunters it's ingrained in them it's Their natural instinct they have that Natural predatory Instinct so sometimes It may seem like your cat is chasing Nothing but more than likely they're Pursuing imaginary prey or something That they've seen you know around your House a little fuzz is it floating Around or something like that so to get A sense of your cat's hunting skills you Can toss a few pieces of kibble or cat Treats down the hallway and you'll see They instantly do the same thing that They would do when they get the zoomy They kind of take off real quick and Sort of stop pounce and then run the Other way and that is just that natural Hunting Instinct in them even indoor Cats have it even if you've had your cat Since a kitten it's always been indoors It's ingrained in them it's that natural Predatory Instinct so um you will see The Zoomies come out in indoor cats Specifically to try to get that natural Instinct to try to release that Natural Instinct I should say So the other thing that I mentioned were Was bathroom issues many cats seem to Use the litter box and then take almost Like a Victory lap

Um you know they just they feel better After they've released Um their urine or their feces and they Just you know get really excited about It and so they kind of take off and have The Zoomies Um it can also be really uncomfortable If your cat stays like a little bit Constipated or um you know maybe they've Been holding it for a while they can be Uncomfortable and so when they release That they get out and they have this Little burst of energy because they're Just feeling better if your cat is Otherwise healthy you really don't have Anything to worry about if as I Mentioned you notice excessive zooming Keep an eye out for any other unusual Behaviors that may be a sign that Something's wrong if your cat starts Being really vocal if they experience Any like weight loss weight gain if you Notice different behaviors if you're Very regularly social lovable snuggly Cat starts kind of being a loner and Looking for places to hide those can be Signs mixed with paired with I should Say the Zoomies that something's wrong So if your cat's otherwise healthy he's Just having a little bit of fun letting Out some of those Natural Instincts um Maybe just kind of celebrating that he Feels a little bit better after a bowel Movement so typically nothing to worry

About once you have determined that the Zoomies are just nothing to worry about You can try to plan play sessions around When your cat seems to have those Um zoomy attacks I guess you could call Them so if your cat to Billy does it When they first wake up that's something That you know you notice your cat kind Of waking up stretching it's time to Play so play with them for a little While and then you won't have the Zoomies especially if your cat tends to Say climb up furniture or curtains or Something when they have a bad case of The Zoomies just when you notice kind of It's that time where they would normally Start running around like crazy break Out some toys or you know a string Something play with your cat a laser Pointer do something to burn that energy Without being destructive around your Home [Music]

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