Why Do Dogs Kick Their Leg When You Scratch Their Belly?

Hey guys thanks for tuning in this is my Beagle Molly my name is Samantha with Top Dog tips and today we're going to Answer a question that plagues a lot of Pattern workers why does your dog Scratch their leg if you itch that Special spot on their belly are they Ticklish what's going on there a lot of Pet owners Wonder this I myself Wonder This I've been a pet owner for decades And I always just thought it was some Weird little Quirk I never really Thought there was any science behind it But after some research and a discussion Like that I found out that they're Actually it so Molly wouldn't cooperate So I have my little dog Joey here and he Is demonstrating this Little Quirk of dogs pretty well There's actually a cluster of nerves Underneath the skin on your dog's belly And that's when you touch that posture Of nerves that's when your dog's leg Starts to kick have you ever been to the Doctors and they've tested your reflexes By tapping your knee and you can't Control the fact that your legs swings Out and that's the same thing the same Kind of natural reaction that's Happening when you scratch it onto belly And you hit that filter of nerves Researchers believe that this cluster of Nerves is there so that wild dogs and They're outside if there's any kind of

Ticks fleas pests on their belly they Notice it right away and their leg Starts to scratch to remove the pests And obviously our dogs even though Domesticated and hopefully treated from Those parasites don't have to worry About that that reflex is still in there You may notice that your dog takes a Minute to start moving their leg once You start scratching their belly or that It stops and then starts again and That's all because if those nerves are Setting signals down your dog's spine And up to their brain to make the legs Start working so it's a time Um it takes time for that reaction to Happen and sometimes when you don't hit The exact right spot it disconnects Those nerves from talking to the brain To kick the leg just for a minute and Then the nerves start when you touch the Right spot again the nerves will start Communicating again that's why it's not And every single time reaction and That's why it's not super consistent Because it's all about the nerves Communicating with the brain and the Timing of that and you know being in That exact position to make that Communication happen once you scratch The same area for a while trying to get The reaction you might see it stop um And that's because the nerve can get Tired out like you would making the same

Reaction all the time so while we think This is funny and cute it's not Necessarily something you want to do all The time you want to watch your dog's Natural reaction if they get startled When you hit that spot Um if they seem to be jumpy it's because That natural reaction is that there's Something crawling underneath their Belly that they can't see so for some Dogs especially more timid dogs it may Startle them a little bit so you don't Want to do that if your dog seems to be Bothered by it this doesn't mean you Have to stop giving your dog belly rubs It just means that you need to be Cautious of this and understand that It's not just a funny cute little Reaction there's actually some science Behind it you can click the link below This video for more information and to See some of the research that's actually Been done on this topic and don't forget To click the like And subscribe button So that you don't miss any of my Upcoming videos I share homemade recipes These how-to videos tips and tricks for Training and grooming your dog so be Sure to like And subscribe so you don't Miss any of that thanks for watching Guys be sure to email us with any Questions [Music]

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