Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Foreign Guys this question I've actually asked Myself I've done the research I talked To my vet and I wanted to share the Information with you guys because I know There's other pet owners wondering the Same thing why does my cat lick me we Have multiple cats we have one that is a Horrible liquor she just loves to lick Like a dog would Um and so it kind of led me down this Path of trying to figure out why does This cat lick because obviously not all Cats do it so if you've been wondering Um there are actually a few different Reasons why your cat might be licking You constantly and most of them are no Big deal I have some tips on how to get Your cat to stop licking you as well if You're someone like me that doesn't like That little sandpaper tongue licking you All the time so first of all um they're Showing affection and creating a bond When cats or kittens their mothers lick Them to clean them and to show affection So it's their natural instinct to do That and show you affection in the same Way quite often this is the case and It's really not a big deal it's just Your cat's way of showing you that they Love you so it's a little bit annoying But also kind of sweet at the same time Cats can also lick a 2B to show Territorial presence to to be

Territorial especially if you have other Animals in the house cats like most Animals like to mark their territory so Other animals will know that it's theirs Your cat might like you to show other Animals in your home including other Humans that you belong to them so again Weird and kind of gross but Um sweet nonetheless Stress and Anxiety is another reason That your cat might be licking licking Is a common Behavior seen in stressed Animals period dogs exhibited wild Animals exhibit it so this could include Licking you especially if the behavior Has popped up spontaneously you want to Try to identify the source of the stress And remove it if the licking has popped Up for seemingly no reason all of a Sudden you have this cat and it never Licks and now it's licking all the time I would recommend checking in with your Veterinarian just to be on the safe side It could be an indication of stress or Anxiety and if you can pinpoint that and Remove the stressor or reduce the stress As much as possible that's great but if It's popped up out of nowhere and you Don't notice any you know new stressors In the environment it's something that You should consult with your Veterinarian because it may be a sign That there's a health condition going on Which we'll get to in a minute but um

Definitely you know if it's spontaneous You want to check into that Cats will also lick as an Attention-seeking mechanism when your Cat lets you you likely show some kind Of attention in return whether it's Talking to them in a sweet voice or Petting them playing with them this Positive attention has basically Conditioned your cat to lick you in Order to get attention so if that's Something that you're doing you have to Break that cycle that you've conditioned Into your cat and we'll talk about that In just a minute when I cover some ways To get your cat to stop licking you five If your cat was weaned too early this is Especially common if you have a young Kitten when cats are nursing they suckle And they also need on the mother Um so if your cat was weaned too early Licking May provide the same comfort That they had when nursing from their Mother and they're looking for that so They lick or maybe even suckle on you or Other pets in the house number six you Taste good as strange as that sounds Cats May lick your skin or your hair Because it smells appealing to them can Could be drawn to certain lotions Topical products the remnants of food on Your hands if you cooked and haven't Cleaned your hands yet that could be Something so something that attracts

Them some sort of odor smell that Attracts them could definitely be the Reason that your cat is licking so if You notice they're always licking after You put on a lotion or after you've Recently washed your hair that's Something that may be the cause of the Licking and finally as I mentioned Really briefly before medical issues in Very rare cases licking you could be a Sign of a medical issue nausea or Discomfort can cause a cat to lick it Can also be a sign of an underlying Health conditions such as a stomach Problem if the leaking seems to be Getting excessive like I mentioned or Has just started spontaneously it's best To contact your veterinarian and Schedule a checkup worst case scenario There's nothing wrong with your cat you Get that peace of mind and you know Nothing's wrong with your feline friend So I always recommend just touching base With your veterinarian especially when Any Behavior not just licking but any Behavior at all comes out of nowhere Pops up spontaneously or seems to be Getting excessive compared to your cat's Regular Behavior So now we've covered why your cat might Be licking you and I know you're waiting For the information on how to get your Tattoo stop licking you so the first Thing and the easiest thing to do is to

Distract her if she's licking you don't Leave your hand there and think that It's cute don't allow her to continue Living distract her play with her pet Her get up and move away if you need to Do that um you're having to follow you But they're not going to be looking you If you're up and moving around so Distract your cat walk away immediately When they start to lick that's um you Know a really quick way for your cat to Learn okay they don't like it when I Lick them they're going to get up and Leave so if I want them to spend some Time with me I'm not going to be looking Cover your skin if you have like short Sleeves on or shorts wear pants wear Socks wear long sleeves try to keep your Hands away from where your cat can reach Them and so they'll learn to cuddle you And sit with you and be close to you Without having the ability to lick your Skin all the time Foreign

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