Why Does Overvaccination Happen?! It’s Sad

[Music] Welcome to theory of pets I'm a Passionate pet owner with a drive to Help others like me uncover the truth About the pet industry and what goes on Behind the scenes why would you say over Vaccination is happening even if we're Kind of realizing that Um some of these vaccines are redundant Or at least not necessary as early as Like annually Yeah yeah so I think it's just you know And I hate to throw anybody under the Bus here but you know if you go into Kind of an old school Vet Clinic you Know that they've been doing it the same Darn way you know since like 1979 Um and that's just how they know to do It and then chances are they're still Going to be recommending vaccinating Every year even though We are seeing that these vaccines are Protecting for a whole lot longer and Not instead of really taking a step back And saying oh okay you know well let's Meet in the middle it's this is how We've been doing it this is what my Clients expect and this is how I'm gonna Do it until the day I die got it I'm Good Um so Let's talk about some of the dangers of Over vaccination now what what can Happen when a dog is over vaccinated

What kind of reactions are we talking About here when you um when a dog has You know been overly vaccinated So again the jury's still out but Just some of the things that are of Concern you know it can cause different Allergic conditions you know different Allergies to some things again there's Not been any definitive research to Prove that You know certainly if it's not necessary I don't I think if you pulled 20 vets And said you know let's give this animal Something that's not necessary all 20 of Them will say no we're not going to do That if we have an animal that say came Into a shelter we have no idea what that Vaccine status was uh of that pet and we Don't have the funds to run tighter Testing we're going to go ahead and Vaccinate that pet and you know even if They had been vaccinated three days Before the chance of a reaction is very Very low at the end of the day you know I think there's this big scary picture Of you know animals getting vaccinated For something and then having an Anaphylactic reaction collapsing Vomiting diarrhea there's some scary Conditions like immune mediated Hemolytic anemia but at the end of the Day those reactions are very very Uncommon and and because they're so Uncommon the risk of just covering your

Bases And that animal having a reaction is so Low but the benefit of making sure the Animal is protected You know it's it's a bit of a no-brainer But you know most of the reactions that We see from vaccines are Things like regional pain so same thing When we go and get a flu shot or a covid Vaccine you feel like you got slugged in The arm for a couple of days and the Difference we're a little bit worse Because we get IM vaccines animals get Sub-Q vaccines that are typically a lot Less uncomfortable but same thing you Know we can still get regional pain Sometimes we can have them a couple of Days of volume turned down just feeling A little Punky uh same thing happens in People uh vomiting diarrhea you know and Then we can progress to having Anaphylactic but I will say in in my Career since getting this whole party Started back in 2014 I can count on one Hand how many dogs I've had have any Variable Spectrum you know of any Reaction on that Spectrum so it is Pretty uncommon got it okay Foreign [Music] [Music]

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