Why positive reinforcement doesn’t work in dog training

The reason people think positive Reinforcement takes forever is because They're putting their dog in sixth grade When they belong in first grade they're Having about six Great Expectations you Can always break it down into smaller Steps and if you do that it's not like Oh that's gonna take forever if you just Go back to first grade for a minute Teach them you'll be shocked at how Quickly you go up the ladder it doesn't Take longer it's that people are Stubborn and don't break the thing down Each step is easier than the last when You really break it down to your Specific dog's skill level there's a Little bit of a learning curve with that But that's part of taking agency and Having a pet if you adopted a dog and You're going to be spending 10 15 or More years with them it certainly pays To learn how to optimize their mental And emotional state to the best of our Ability and I guarantee you that the Scientific Community has shed light on That that goes beyond your intuition and Goes farther than you may realize and That is why there is a revolution in dog Training happening

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