Why Traditional Heel Training Is Holding You Back! 🙅‍♂️Teach Your Dog to Heel on Either Side of You

This is a really good application of Heel that's where they stay to one side Of you I've taught inertia both a left Heel and a right heel one of the reasons I teach feel on both sides is that I Want inertia to be able to stay between Me and the road and not pull anything Crazy because she gets startled by a car I used right heel coming here and I'll Be using left heel going back you can See a car way in the distance Approaching you don't have room to pull Over if your dog starts freaking out Because a car passes at kind of close Range that's not what we want it almost Kind of reminds me of Stand By Me when They had to get across the railroad Track Bridge it really pays off that We've been working on heel at various Speeds as well that way I could minimize Our time being vulnerable on the bridge Bridges are certainly an oddity to many Dogs So encountering them is unusual it would Seem tell me if you're interested in a Video that focuses on the overview of How to train a good heel to your dog

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