Yorkshire Terrier – Top 10 Facts

Here are 10 interesting facts 
about Yorkshire Terriers!
  Often referred to as "Yorkies," these are 
long-haired black and tan dogs well known for   Their diminutive sizes and big personalities. They often act like big dogs trapped in   Little bodies and are always on the lookout for 
adventures and sometimes even a bit of trouble.   Yorkies are loyal and affectionate 
dogs, especially towards their family.   However, true to their terrier heritage, they 
can be quite wary of strangers and bark at   Strange sounds and intruders. Regardless 
they make outstanding companions and have   A lot of history behind them.
Now onto the facts about these dogs   That will surely leave you amazed!
Fact number 1: They are the bane of rats!
  Although you may initially think of Yorkies as 
pampered lapdogs, they were originally bred to   Seek out and catch rats in clothing mills. These feisty little dogs were bred from   A collection of several different 
terriers in order to hunt vermin.   Many miners, weavers, and other business owners 
made use of these tiny exterminators to help keep   Their workspaces rodent-free. Because of their compact size,   These dogs could squeeze into miniscule spaces. That, combined with their fierce personalities,   Helped them to fearlessly take on rodent 
prey that was almost as big as they were
  This instinct still comes out in their 
modern Yorkies, just offer one a stuffed   Mouse and you'll see what we mean. In fact, owners can even put them to   Work in non-competitive American Kennel 
Club Earthdog tests. A sport that allows   Dogs to test their natural ability to 
pursue caged rats underground.
  Fact number 2: They share a great granddaddy!
Most of those in the know consider a Yorkie named   Huddersfield Ben the grandfather of the breed. This stud dog was a well-regarded ratting champion   And a very confident competitor in many dog 
shows. He won over 70 awards and was actually a   Quite hefty dog, weighing 11 pounds. Despite this, 
all his litters yielded puppies that were under 5   Pounds, which was the standard at that time. Although he only lived to be six years old,   Huddersfield Ben has left behind a very impressive 
legacy. Pretty much all Yorkies bred for shows   Today are relatives of Ben.
Fact number 3: You'll hear them coming!
  Although they are known for being quite yappy, 
that is not what we are talking about here.   Yorkshire terriers often make funny noises because 
they are especially prone to having a pharyngeal   Gag reflex, or so-called 'reverse sneezing."
This means that instead of pushing air out of   The nose like a normal sneeze, Yorkies will 
gasp for air and make an odd honking sound   Like a goose. While this can be somewhat alarming 
to witness, these noises are generally harmless   And will pass after a few minutes. Normally, it is 
just brought on by irritants such as pollen, dust,   Cleaners, and perfumes, something anyone 
with allergies can relate too.  

Fact number 4: They should have dual citizenship!
When this breed first came onto the scene in   England, they were known as broken-haired 
Scotch terriers. Having been bred there   And then immigrated alongside Scottish 
workers into northern England. They kept   This moniker for about a decade before a 
reporter named Angus Sutherland publicly   Declared that the name should be changed. He strongly believed that although this   Breed originated in Scotland, it wasn't really 
perfected until coming to Yorkshire, England.
  He is quoted in The Field Magazine saying, 
"They ought no longer be called Scotch Terriers,   But Yorkshire Terriers for having been so improved 
there" It seems that people agreed because, in   1870, the name was officially changed. ===
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  Fact number 5: They're the 
Rapunzels of the dog world!
  If left unattended, a Yorkies fur will 
keep growing, just like human hair,   And can grow to be two feet long! This is because they do not shed and   Instead depend on their owners 
to keep their coats in check.   While most show dogs do tend to have longer 
hair, casual pet owners usually keep their   Dog's hair short to help keep them from tripping 
or getting food stuck in it. This short shaggy   Look is often called "the puppy cut" and 
is indeed much more practical.
  Fact number 6: They are often tiny!
Yorkshire Terriers usually weigh about   3-7 pounds, although a healthy Yorkie can 
weigh slightly more than that. They are   Also most typically 6-9 inches tall.
Nevertheless, Yorkies have for a long   Time now held the Guinness World Record for 
the smallest living dog. This includes the   Inappropriately named 'Big Boss,' who at 4.7 
inches held the record from 1995 to 2002.   Before that, another Yorkie, Thumbelina, had held 
the record at 5.5 inches tall and 8 inches long.
  Even more amazing is that a 2-year-old Yorkie 
in 1945 named Sylvia was measured at just 2.5   Inches tall at the shoulder and 3.5 inches from 
tip to tail, and she weighed only four ounces!   Even today, this makes her the smallest 
dog in recorded history!
  Fact number 7: They change color!
Initially, all Yorkie puppies   Are born a deep black and tan. As the dog starts to mature into an adult,   The black will then change to what is often 
described as blue, which is basically a diluted   Black or shiny silver color. Meanwhile, the tan 
will transition into a richer, more gold-like   Color. The Yorkie has genes unique to the breed, 
which will cause this change. This transition   Generally starts at about six months old and will 
normally be complete by the time the dog is around  

One or two, although it can take up to three 
years for the color change to be complete.
  Fact number 8: They are 
companions to A-listers!
  Yorkies have long been a popular 
breed, ranking 6th in America,   And that popularity is reflected in the kind of 
people who own them. For instance, There have   Been two Yorkshire terriers at the Whitehouse 
owned by Nixon and Trump, respectively.   What's more, Audrey Hepburn helped to introduce 
Yorkshire Terriers to the celebrity world when   Mr. Famous, her first Yorkie, joined her in 
the spotlight. Her dog was on magazine covers   And even in a "Funny Face" scene with her. By 
bringing Mr. Famous into the spotlight, Hepburn   Really made Yorkies a popular companion in life 
as well as a popular photography companion.
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Fact number 9: They're dogs of War!
  When an American soldier named Bill Wynne 
inexplicitly found a young Yorkshire terrier   In a foxhole during WW2, he named her Smoky and 
immediately took her in. These two then traveled   Together through New Guinea, and very soon, Smoky 
began to do her part for the war effort. Thanks to   Her compact size and obedience, she could easily 
run through pipes and string communication wires   Beneath a former Japanese airstrip. Without 
the help of this Yorkie, soldiers would have   Had to spend their time digging trenches 
and exposing themselves to enemy fire.
  What's more, Smoky also toured hospitals all 
over the Pacific and in the United States,   Working as a therapy dog for wounded soldiers.
When wartime ended, she and Wynne then went to   Hollywood, where Smoky performed 
on various TV shows. Today you   Can still visit a monument dedicated to 
her memory in Cleveland, Ohio.
  Fact number 10: They are incredibly brave!
As we've mentioned, Yorkies are very small dogs,   Weighing an average of about seven pounds, 
but it seems like no one has told them that!   These amazingly courageous dogs 
have absolutely no problem taking   On animals considerably bigger than them.
A great example of this is that in August 2015,   A former Marine, Larry Yepez, stepped out of his 
home early in the morning while it was still dark   Out. He found that a bear was rummaging through 
his trash, and it instantly attacked him. Larry   Put up a good fight but was struggling to get 
away from the agitated 300-pound beast. Luckily   For him, his brave Yorkie leaped into action 
and began nipping at the attacker's heels,   Successfully distracting the bear long enough 
for the duo to make their escape. Thanks to   His small but mighty pet's intervention, the 
bloodied victim was able to drive himself to   The hospital and live to tell the tale. It's 
events like this that lead us to believe that   Pound-for-pound Yorkshire terriers might just 
be the bravest breed of dog in the world!

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