You need to be doing this if you have an active dog

If you have to leave your dog alone for Hours my protocol basically is get up an Hour earlier this is assuming I have an Active value of 20 minutes earlier Whatever to make sure that you allow for Time to give them adequate exercise and Give them some quality time to start off Their day we do that because we want Them to not feel anxious again do you See how we're considering the dog's Emotional state at every aspect of our Training advice here if your dog is Exercised and fulfilled internally They're likely to not be in a stressful Frantic excited state of mind which may Manifest with things such as chewing up Your furniture or other destructive Behavior hurting themselves by trying to Get out of a crate whatever the case may Be that is why we want to exercise many Dogs before leaving them alone for Extended periods of time so that they Don't feel the need to dispense of Excess energy in the form of unwanted Barking

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